10am - 7pm • 11 - 12 October 2008
Hall 401, SUNTEC Singapore
International Convention & Exhibition Centre
Hotline: (852) 2944 6430

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What Has SMART Expo & Property Got to Offer?
The Fun life - Properties for the Wise Living

Let’s face the fact that we don’t always buy a property for the boring reason of long term retirement planning. Developers of resort and luxury but affordable properties will share with you the tricks for mixing business with pleasure.

Available at attractive prices from the SMART Expo are resort properties from Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan.

A look at Emerging Markets –Have the Emerging Markets Emerged?

Equity investment in emerging markets has grown rapidly in the 1990s, while much of it flowing through mutual funds, more and more are buying into real properties in these emerging economies.

Speak to specialist like IP Global onsite who are representing various emerging markets such as the Brazil, Vietnam and Panama. Come and learn how profits can be captured in one’s portfolio mix.

Going for Growth – Buying for Capital Appreciation

Whether you’re thinking of buying a property to secure your financial future through or for the luxury of having a private holiday escape of your own, buying in the growth markets is the key to achieving these goals. Exhibitors will share with you their experience in how you can leverage your investment to achieve capital appreciation and how you to maximise overseas finance.

USA foreclosures are offering bargains for foreign buyers – talk to exhibitors like Mantria Communities and Comast for the best deals! U.A.E & South of France properties have a fantastic yield record, find out why from Source Properties and Burger Sotheby’s respectively.

Going for Cash – Buying for Income

In the very volatile investment climate, many are thinking of going back to basics and acquiring properties for rental yields. Speakers and exhibitors will share with you ideas on the factors that affect rent rates and costs of owning, tenants screening and finding the right professionals to help you maximise your rental potentials.

SMART recommends property from Australia and New Zealand. Large selection from Central Equity, Avion Properties, Pronationwide Perth, and NZ Property Solutions.