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Hotline +852 2944 6430
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Brett Cameron

CEO - SkyPoint Realty Partners Ltd.

Brett Cameron is the CEO of SkyPoint Realty Partners (SkyPoint), the first company to bring institutional grade multifamily real estate investments to Asia. SkyPoint was founded to provide Asian investors with alternatives in accessing Class A North American multifamily opportunities. Brett joined SkyPoint at the end of 2015. He has represented Canadian land, retail and residential asset opportunities since 2003, and has created sound property co-ownership stakes for individual investors over the past 13 years. He previously worked with Walton Group and ReDev. Brett holds an EMBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business, Western University, Ontario.

Seminar Topic : Canadian Property 2016— Where is the Smart Money Going?

Tracy Goh

Associate Division Director - Huttons Asia Pte Ltd.

Tracy Goh has worked in the real estate business for more than 2 decades. She believes that with the right strategies, everyone can make big money in real estate during good and bad times with minimal risk. She invests in properties in Singapore and other countries. She helps clients buy, sell, manage properties portfolio for wealth multiplication and passive income. She educates investors through her books “Multiplication Strategies in Real Estate” and P.E.A.C.E. Investing”.

Seminar Topic : Discover the Biggest Profits in Commercial Investment in Singapore

Sam Helmy

Chief Executive - Neovate Developments Sdn. Bhd.

Sam is a property entrepreneur, developer, speaker and writer in the Southeast Asian property scene. He is the Chief Executive of Neovate Developments, and has built his reputation on developing and managing property projects in London, Dubai, and Kuala Lumpur over the last 12 years. A Mensa International member, Sam holds a Finance degree, a Level 4 Certificate in Advanced Property Development, and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Property Investment and Development in Australia. He developed a property investment education program and writes in regional publications such as Arabian Business, MoneyWorks, and Asian Property Review.

Seminar Topic : Micro-apartments and the Changing Trend in Growing Cities




Seminar Topic : How to Accumulate Wealth via Feng Shui

Philipp Steinke

Director - BACC (Asia) Limited, BACC (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Philipp is the Chairman and Co-founder of BACC. Founded in 2009, the firm is a leading global asset manager with over USD150 M assets under management, and assisted in USD1.3BN plus worth of overseas property transactions. Philipp is a member of the Harvard Business Society, the Boston Real Estate Club and the Faculty Curriculum Development Committee (Real Estate) at the University of Hong Kong. He serves on the board of HKLearners Holdings Ltd. and the Advisory Board of BACC (Asia) Ltd. & BACC (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Philipp also heads business development at The Edge Learning Centers Ltd, a premier education consultancy firm. In 2014, Philipp received Squarefoot's Best-of-the-Best Overseas Property Agent Award for Germany. Philipp also serves as junior consultant for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Seminar Topic : Why Berlin? Why Now?
講座主題﹕歐洲房地產投資熱點首選—柏林 分析投資的最好時機

Dave Wilson

Director - Norup & Wilson Pty Ltd.

Dave Wilson has extensive experience in the construction and property development sector. His onsite experience in building has provided a unique foundation to his property development company, Norup + Wilson.

In a competitive market, imagine if you could deliver a better-quality product which is feature packed with technology and designed to be ‘current’ and long into the future – all at the same price of an investment grade apartment. Dave and his business partner John possess the experience that can facilitate this kind of unique opportunity to occur time and time again.

Norup + Wilson’s has a focus on the local Australian market and will offer tips on what to look for in a developer, development and property market cycle.

Seminar Topic : What to Look For When Making an Investment in the Property Industry

潘啟才 創辦人

Phemey Pon為產業測量師,曾任戴德梁行(DTZ) 董事總經理,取得中文大學財務系碩士學位,他是周顯課程創辦人,香港投資日報出版人。同時,他是通天密碼1及2、超譯炒股密碼及股市風雲等書的作者,他擔任新城財經台<<財技教室>>的節目主持,並曾接受東週刋人物傳奇專訪。

Seminar Topic : How to Invest in Publicly Listed Shell Companies?

Alana Wong

Feng Shui Master - Alana Wong Astrology & Feng Shui Consultats Ltd.

紫微斗數學者, 紫微斗數客戶遍布中港台、新加坡、歐美等等。曾為商業中心、酒店、保險, 商場等等作風水顧問,擁有多年企業客戶經驗。

Seminar Topic : What's Install for the 12 Chinese Zodiacs in 2017

「美股隊長」™ 吳瑞麟

Chief Investment Officer

本地家族資產管理辦公室(Family Office)投資總監。Homebloggerhk.com美股投資課程導師。文章散見於《信報》以及《經濟一周》。

Seminar Topic : Trump Victory, Market Victory?

Dora Hui-Huang

Managing Director - DOBG Property Investment Co. Ltd.

Dora Hui-Huang, experienced local property agent for the past 25 years specialised in commercial properties. In 2012, she diversified her business to cover Korean properties. Her family migrated to Korea soon afterwards.

Seminar Topic : Introduction to Investment opportunities and migration program in Korea

Jo Mathews

CEO & Founder - Reign Gainers Pte Ltd.

Jo Mathews, managing director of the Reign Group of companies which includes Reign Geoponics, Reign Gainers and Reign Assets, has extensive experience in the field of Vertical Hydro Agri Systems. In his drive to create investment opportunities, Jo has been studying the role urban farming plays in a country's food security, which is a pressing problem in many countries today. He has also consulted experts in Singapore and overseas on the best methods to constantly supply fresh, healthy crops to consumers. It has taken him to Israel and United States to source out the latest technologies that can yield the best harvests. He chose the Vertical Hydro Agri Systems and Aquaponics which he believes best fits the needs of Singapore and the region. In Singapore, Jo Mathews also consulted agricultural experts, especially in urban farming, to help chart Reign Geoponics growth as the company continues to upgrade its technology in the coming years.

Seminar Topic : Invest in Singapore's Largest Aquaponics & Hydroponics Farm

Rachel Lam

Managing Director -

Before joining CompareAsiaGroup Rachel was Marketing Director at Geoswift, a global B2B cross-border payment company. Prior to this she was a founding member at WeLab Limited, the first P2P lending platform in Hong Kong. She also has extensive personal finance experience, having worked in product management and marketing at consumer banks such as Citi and Dah Sing Bank in Hong Kong. Rachel holds a BSc (Hons) in Physics from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is also an alumna of Occidental College and California Institute of Technology.

Seminar Topic : Oversea Property Mortgage Plan



汪敦敬先生從事地產代理業30年以上,撰寫樓市評論文章20多年,於2009年金融海嘯後認為市場會出現新的秩序及邏輯,主力撰寫有關新常態(new normal)文章,更強調在機會成本的法則下「買樓有風險,不買樓也有風險」!

Seminar Topic : Hong Kong Property Outlook 2017
講座主題﹕2017 樓市前瞻



涂國彬先生,永豐金融研究部主管,熟悉股匯債商品關係,擅長平衡風險回報,其雜誌基金倉以低風險少買賣大幅跑贏大市, 亦獲選中金在線最佳港股策略分析師。中大經濟學學士及港大經濟學碩士,專研行為財務學交易策略。

Seminar Topic : Is the Market About to Burst, Has the Good Times Come to an End?

Andreas Woell

Senior Financial Consultant - MLP Finanzdienstleistungen AG

Andreas is a mortgage broker and financial advisor, based in Berlin. He has been specialising in the Mortgage Market for both German and International clients for 17 years. If you are a non resident and would like to invest in German property? There are a couple of flexible and competitive solution which Andreas can definitely offer you to obtain a mortgage in Germany.

Seminar Topic : Why Berlin? Why Now? Tax and Rental Information on Investing in Europe’s New Real Estate Destination Hotspot.
講座主題﹕歐洲房地產投資熱點首選—柏林 分析投資的最好時機

Timo Schmidt

Head of International Residential Sales - Savills Vietnam Limited

With over 10 years of experiences in residential property, Timo has worked across several real estate markets in high-end real estate agency franchise Engel & Volkers. In Vietnam, Timo was in charge of overall management of the central coast operations for Indochina Land, one of Vietnam’s most prominent fund investors and oversaw sales at Hyatt Regency Danang Residences as well as other luxury resort projects such as the Nam Hai and Montgomerie Links Estate and worked as operations manager for Vietnam Sotheby’s International Realty.

Seminar Topic : Vietnam's emerging property market and opportunities for real estate investors in Vietnam

Martin Strachota

Sales & Marketing Director - INSPIRATION ASIA

Martin is the sales & marketing director for Inspiration Asia. Martin grew up in Berlin (Germany) and holds a MBA from the Berlin School of Economics. He has been involved for nearly 20 years in the real estate market in Berlin on the ground experience in renovation management of classical era properties as part of a Berlin Property-Tax-Back program. He expanded upon his experience relocating to Dubai where he worked as a sales and business development manager for the 2nd largest private developer. Over the last 5 years Martin has been operating mainly out of Singapore and Hong Kong in successfully introducing Berlin investment options to Asian investors.

Inspiration is an investment company specializing in Berlin’s dynamic real estate market, where it has sold and currently manages more than 1,500 assets for hundreds of international investors.

Seminar Topic : Berlin Property Market Update 2016 - Berlin the No1 Investment Spot in Europe.
講座主題﹕柏林房地產市場新展望 【歐洲投資第一熱點 - 柏林】

Gerard McGuick

Sales Director - Asia Plantation Hong Kong Limited

Gerard McGuirk has more than 30 years - experience in property and is a keen investor in Europe. Since 2010, he has been investing in forestry as an alternative way of making strong passive income streams. He has lived in Asia since 1995, when he first came to Hong Kong and spent time throughout the region. Gerard, like so many of Asia Plantation Capital’s clients, believes so much in the products, that he changed jobs and began to work for the company since 2013.

Seminar Topic : How to Invest in Agarwood (chénxiāng (沉香), "Cham Heong”) a Green Way of Making Money and Helping the Planet at the Same Time.
講座主題﹕綠色投資 - 嶄新生財途徑,更能拯救地球環境

Dr. Justin Ma

Consultant - Hale Property Investments Pte Ltd.

Dr. Justin Ma is a blue-blooded champion for innovation and entrepreneurship stemming from his study and practice in the exact horizon. He walks the talk as 3-in-1 Pracademic – Entrepreneur + Professional + Business Educator with rich international business expertise, experience and exposure (over 30 years), and immersion in both Western and Eastern culture. Since 1995, Dr. Ma has been running the Enterprise Innovation Centre, which he established, to empower SMEs in China and ASEAN with hands-on innovative solution to transform and globalize.

Seminar Topic : How a Downturn in the Housing Market Can Produce Innovative Opportunity to Profit!
講座主題﹕創新投資,險中求勝! 低迷房市,乘機獲利!


ADS Securities - 零售市場銷售總監

陳健豪是阿布扎比證券香港有限公司的零售市場銷售總監。Aaron是香港和亞太地區享有盛名的外匯分析師和評論員。從最初在福匯亞洲(FXCM) 開啟其職業生涯,至今Aaron已具備超過12年的金融市場經驗,Aaron曾是FXCM研究團隊成員,為公司的個人客戶和金融媒體提供基本面和技術面分 析。2007年,Aaron加入CMC Markets香港出任分析師。在加入ADS香港之前,Aaron為日本外匯經紀商GMO CLICK的副總裁。Aaron曾主講超過500場研討會、培訓,並致力於提供外匯市場研究報告和評論,對市場情緒研究的專長備受讚譽。

Seminar Topic : 2017 Forex Market Outlook - How Investors Can Win Big With Foreign Exchange Market



Edwin曾於國際製衣集團任職總經理,擁有香港理工大學MBA。Edwin醉心於投資股票,過去多次成功捕捉倍升股,包括思捷、銀娛、金山軟件等,全部賺5至10倍或以上,並多次透過股市賺到買樓資金。2013年,他通過股票投資達致提早退休,財務自由。Edwin股票投資經驗豐富,過去曾獲國內佛山電台邀請作嘉賓主持,分享對經濟的看法。近年, Edwin開班授徒,學生已超過1500人。

Seminar Topic : Trump Presidency - The Impact on the Global Stock Market

Tim Earle

Founder - Starfish Property Investments Ltd.

Tim Earle is the founder of Starfish Property Investments – one of the UK’s leading investment consultancies – specializing in fully-managed completed and off-plan opportunities in both established and emerging markets and high yielding capital investment products. A veteran of UK and global property investment, Tim is also a respected speaker and divides his time between the UK and Hong Kong.

Seminar Topic : Why Diversification in Property is Key

Cecilia Wong

Sales and Marketing Director - Ark Realty Co., Ltd

Ark Realty Co., Ltd was established in 2016, the founder Cecilia Wong has been worked in marketing, media promotion and TV Commercials production in China Property industry for more than 20 years. She worked with some listed developers, such as KWG Property Holdings Ltd, Country Garden (BGY), Hopefluent Group Holdings Ltd., and some medium size developers, Jiaxin Realty Development Ltd and etc.. As following the extension of businesses of the clients to South East countries, she decided to form an overseas property marketing and sales agency in order to provide sales and end-to-end services: legal consulting, immigration services consulting, finance or bank mortgage, for the property projects in Cambodia, Malaysia and Taiwan to the buyers in HK, Macau and Mainland China.

Seminar Topic : How the One Belt, One Road Policy Benefits Phnom Penh and Investors

SMART Investment & International Property Expo
Hong Kong 24-25 November 2018

  • Testimonial from Prince J S Lakshman, Director - NDL Realty

  • Testimonial from Sean Summerville, CEO - The Property King Australia

  • Testimonial from Cheny Chang, Director - Ho Hsin Development

  • Testimonial from Tina Chen, Sales Director – Oversea Property Division, Hatten Group

  • Testimonial from Timo Schmidt, Savills Vietnam Ltd