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Hotline +852 3198 1818
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Thomas Lam

Senior Director, Head of Valuation & Advisory - Knight Frank Hong Kong Limited

Thomas is a Chartered Surveyor and responsible for overseeing the Valuation & Advisory Department of Knight Frank. He is regularly featured in media for his views on Global, Asia, China and HK property markets, generating over 100 media hits per month from both global and regional media.

Thomas has extensive experiences in the real estate industry, with specific experience in market research, corporate advisory, valuation, real estate finance, investment advisory and business development in Asia Pacific markets (ex-Japan).

Seminar topic: Opportunities and Challenges of Overseas Properties Investment

Stephen Chung

Director - Zeppelin Partners Limited

Stephen is a chartered surveyor and has been involved in real estate development, investment, and management for over 25 years. Projects handled involved residential, commercial, and mixed use and span across Asia to North America. He has written a few books and is a real estate columnist, in addition to delivering occasional guest presentations and being an honorary adjunct professor at the University of Hong Kong. He has also created through which he shares some of his analyses. Currently, he analyses real estate markets seeking opportunities on a macro level and where practicable has skin in the game on a micro level.

Seminar topic: Overseas Real Estate Investment: the whys, the whats, and the don’ts

劉兆昌 (老樓)



Seminar topic: 樓市何去何從

Dr Lawrance Wong

President, Many wells property agent Ltd


Seminar topic: 下半年的樓市評估

Benjamin Luk

Retirement Specialist

Benjamin LUK is the author of the best selling book “How to retire easily and enjoy life as middle class” , he is also a guest host of HK Radio and columnist in MONEY MONDAY Magazine and as a hot blogger named “Have a happy life” in facebook。 He has frequently been invited to be speaker for retirement and financial planning seminars.

Seminar topic: How to choose overseas property for retirement?

Jacky Luk

Senior Managing Editor (Investment and Property) - Ming Pao

Mr. Jacky Luk graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a major in Geography and a minor in Economics. He joined the media industry in the 90's, mainly reporting and commenting on the property and financial news. Mr. Luk currently is the Senior Managing Editor (Investment and Property) of Ming Pao, one of the largest newspapers in Hong Kong.

Mr. Luk released twelve books including "The Most Complete Guide of Overseas Property Markets" and the newest one named "Decode Hong Kong's Poperty Market". He has been contributed to the columns of many different magazines and websites. Mr. Luk is also a frequent speaker of television and radio programmes as well as a popular guest speaker for property seminars.

Seminar topic: How to use the “PRICE” model to analyse overseas propety market

Francis Kwok





Seminar topic: 五不窮,六是否不絕

Dr. Edwin Lee

Founder & CEO - Bridgeway Prime Shop Fund Management Limited

Bridgeway Group was established by Edwin in 2001 as a business broker and builder. In 2015, Edwin successfully transformed the business into the first SFC-licensed asset management company in Hong Kong that focuses on giving investors a new way of investment, by focusing on its core strength in prime shop investments, with type 1 (Dealing with securities), type 4 (Advising on securities) and type 9 (Asset management) regular activities licenses under Bridgeway Prime Shop Fund Management Limited. Bridgeway and Edwin were also twice featured as business case studies: "A Launching Pad for Entrepreneurs" and “The Dynamics of Innovative Entrepreneurship” by the University of Hong Kong which were listed under Harvard Business Review in 2010 and 2012 respectively.

Seminar topic: 買舖至PRO選舖方程式

Dr. Au Yeung Wai Hoo (Ben Sir)

Ben Sir Limited

Dr. Au Yeung Wai Hoo, commonly known as Ben Sir, is an artist and a linguist. In the past six months, he has held two personal talk shows. Au Yeung was also recently a host of a number of programmes at TVB while being a guest actor in five local movies. He is a registered teacher in Hong Kong and was a PE teacher at a primary school, Au Yeung also taught at the Chinese University of Hong Kong during 2004 and 2017. In addition, he is also an author of a number of educational books from primary level to senior secondary level with Ming Pao publisher.

Seminar topic: An Investigation into the Property Market

Mak Ling Ling

Feng Shui Master

Mak Ling Ling is a renowned Feng Shui master. She is often featured in publications as well as being a star guest on TV programmes, both locally and nationally. Mak is one of the top Feng Shui masters who is often invited to China as well as Southeast Asia for Feng Shui analysis. To spread the Chinese culture of Feng Shui, Mak founded Ji Qing Tang, a shop that offers auspicious products to help bring good fortune.

Seminar topic: How to Select Overseas Properties From a Feng Shui Perspective

Joyce Lee

Executive Director of Hong Kong Mortgage Referral

Joyce Lee has been in the banking and financial industry for nearly 20 years and is primarily responsible for mortgages, financing and asset management. Lee is the Executive Director Hong Kong Mortgage Referral and is also a lecturer in real estate courses at the HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education and the Hong Kong Institute of Economics and Investment. Lee was also the consultants of several TVB TV shows and a latest programme which was hosted by Viu TV. Lee is also columnist for

Seminar topic: How to Double the Value of Your Assets

Matthew Wong

Sales Director of Henry Wiltshire International

Matthew Wong is a licensed estate agent in Hong Kong. Wong has over 10 years’ experience in sales, marketing and after sales customer support. Wong is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, which are invaluable languages when working with clients from all corners of Southeast Asia. With a strong focus on providing good customer service, he has maintained professional relationships throughout his career in property market such as Malaysia, Thailand and the UK.

Felix Ng Tiam Chai

General Manager - Sales & Marketing of Brunsfield International Group

Felix Ng Tiam Chai is the General Manager for Marketing and Sales at Brunsfield International Group, a joint venture company with Sime Darby Property Berhad, a public listed company for Senada Kuala Lumpur, which is part of a master development in Alya Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Ng Tiam Chai has been with the Brunsfield International Group since 2001 and has been involved in the property industry for the past 24 years, focusing on the marketing and sales of boutique developments and integrated and master developments for the group and other developers.

Seminar topic: Senada - Modern Golf Resort City Living

Alex Yeung

Director of Century 21 Culture Center Property Ltd

Alex Yeung is the founder of Century 21 Culture Center Property Ltd (Hong Kong, Japan, Macau). Yeung was a Fellowship of the Asian College of Knowledge Management, with previous experience from Vice President Hong Kong Chamber of Professional Property Consultants Ltd and was awarded 2017 The Excellence in Achievement of World Chinese Youth Entrepreneurs

Seminar topic: Tips for investing tower block in Tokyo and Osaka

Naoki Nishimura

CEO of Universal Coin Ltd

Naoki Nishimura is the CEO of Universal Coin Ltd. Nishimura set up the company in 2014 with a passion for investing in antique coins, and to educate investors of its value and rarity. Prior to this and after graduating from the faculty of architecture at Shibara Institute of Technology, Nishimura’s experience was a buyer and marketing and overseas merger and acquisition at Xebio, a sports goods company.

Seminar topic: Antique Coins as a New Source of Investment

Ogo Mkparu

Director of London Property Dr

Ogo has worked in the London residential property industry for 15 years. Early in Mkparu’s career, he worked for one of the country’s largest corporate estate agents and with the expertise and knowledge he gained there, it has helped him set up an London estate agency of his own. As one of the directors of the London Property Dr, he is working to realise his vision of simplifying the convoluted London property market to overseas clientele.

Seminar topic: Deciphering London's Property Maze

John Wong

Vice President, Business Development - Propy

John Wong is the Vice President of Business Development at Propy, a blockchain real estate company based in Silicon Valley. With more than 20 years of business experience in financial services and high tech startups, Wong is responsible for the strategic partnerships of the company. He has previously made his mark at Wells Fargo, Charles Schwab and Lehman Brothers. Having lived and worked in many cities in the US as well as Hong Kong, China and Singapore, Wong earned his MBA from Stanford University and is a CFA Charter Holder.

Seminar topic: What is Blockchain? How Can Real Estate Benefit from Blockchain?

Racky Lam

Director of Sales at Golden Keys (China) Property HK Ltd.

To explore the opportunity of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area’s property market, how to choose the right place to invest.

Seminar topic: Future development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

Philipp Steinke

Managing Director – BACC (Asia) Limited

Philipp Steinke is the Chairman and Co-founder of BACC. Steinke has been involved in all phases of the firm´s development since its founding in 2009. BACC is a leading global asset manager with USD150M assets under management and has assisted in USD1.3BN worth of overseas property transactions. Steinke was presented with squarefoot´s Best of the Best award for Overseas Property Agent for Germany in 2014, and is continuously invited as a speaker on overseas property seminars at SMART Overseas & Property Expos.Steinke holds a B.A. (Cum Laude) in Economics from Harvard University and a MSc in Real Estate from the University of Hong Kong. He is currently an aspiring member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Seminar topic: Invest in Germany: Berlin City West

Calvin Cheng

Business Development Manager of HSBC

HSBC International Banking Centre (IBC) in Hong Kong connects you to a wide range of banking services offered by HSBC group entities in other countries. We can help you along the overseas property purchasing journey from mortgage application to overseas banking arrangement so as to facilitate international payments in different countries and in different currencies. We can also provide you with information such as overseas mortgage application criteria and application procedures for customers in Hong Kong, and provide added convenience by assisting customers in making applications for overseas mortgages.

Seminar topic: A guide to overseas mortgage and banking arrangement

Fachen Hsieh

Chairman of Ho Hsin Development

With doctoral candidacy, MBA and a Bachelor of Architecture, Hsieh’s background extends to HOWANG Development & Construction and RUENTEX Construction and Engineering. He is currently the Chairman of Ho Hsin Development.

Cheng Chang

Director of Ho Hsin Development

Chang is the director of Ho Hsin Development. Prior to that, his work ranges from Tuntex Group, Dahan Development, Top Vision in California, Gobo Group and Mingyang Development in Hong Kong. Chang is also a professor in architecture at the Huafan University in Taiwan.

Seminar topic: Latest Comment From Premier Li Keqiang of The People's Republic of China: Phnom Penh's Property Market Starts to Boom. Want to know more in detail?

Glass Wu

Co-Founder & CEO of Japan Hana Real Estate

Glass Wu is the co-founder and CEO of Japan Hana Real Estate.Through her leadership, Japan Hana has become one of the go-to companies specialising in Japan real estate to overseas buyers in Hong Kong, winning several accolades and awards in 2017. Wu started her career in real estate in Hong Kong and then spent 10 years working in Japan, where she established businesses in real estate and an automobile export business. Fluent in Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin and English and an expert in Japanese culture, Wu has appeared on Japan national television to introduce Hong Kong and Chinese/Japanese culture.

A frequent commentator on the Japan Property Market, Wu was interviewed by Now TV in Hong Kong, Shanghai TV and East Magazine. Wu has also been invited to write articles for publications such as The Standard newspaper, Squarefoot magazine and Singtao Standard Overseas Property Online.

Seminar topic: What to Look Out for When Investing in Japan Real Estate? Will Japan’s Property Prices Keep Rising?

Chan U Keng

Head of Complaints and Enforcement of Estate Agents Authority

UK Chan is the Head of Complaints and Enforcement of the Estate Agents Authority (“EAA”). The EAA is a statutory body established under the Estate Agents Ordinance. Its functions include regulating the practice of the estate agency trade in Hong Kong and enhancing the professional standards and status of the trade. Chan has been working in the EAA for over 10 years and is responsible for supervising the handling of complaints against licensees and the conducting of compliance inspections.

Seminar topic: Points-to-note when Purchasing Uncompleted Property Outside Hong Kong

King Sir

Co-Founder & Managing Director, Hong Kong Mortgage Referral

King Sir是全港首位房地產投資課程講師,學員超過5,000人,透過所教授的物業投資系統,絕大部份學員都能成功上車及達至財務自由。他現為香港按揭轉介董事總經理、香港電台《e線金融網-King Sir會客室》主持、香港公開大學學院校外顧問、香港大學專業進修學院物業投資課程總監、TVB85財經台《日日有樓睇。每周有筍盤》嘉賓主持、TVB節目《BenSir睇樓團》及《有樓萬事足》顧問、iMoney 智富雜誌及經濟一週專欄作家、暢銷著作共八本,最新有《上車買樓易》。

Seminar topic: 如何揀環球最佳爆升區

Troy Griffiths

Deputy Managing Director - Savills Vietnam

Troy Griffiths has over 25 years of property experience across all asset classes having previously practised in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. He has a valuation background and specialises in strategic property consultancy particularly favouring development advisory. Griffiths has advised most major developers in public and private practice in Australia, varying from airport acquisitions and infrastructure development through to major long-term urban renewal programs. Having held director-level positions at several of Australia’s leading property firms, both independent and agency based, he has also been an active member as a lecturer, mentor and committee member for many industry representative groups and institutions, including the Australian Property Institute, Property Council of Australia and the Urban Development Institute. Griffiths is responsible for all advisory services throughout Vietnam and the region including research, valuation and consulting and has advised most major local and foreign investors in the region on the property market.

Seminar topic: Vietnam - Asia's Latest Property Hotspot

SMART Investment & International Property Expo
Hong Kong 24-25 November 2018

  • Testimonial from Prince J S Lakshman, Director - NDL Realty

  • Testimonial from Sean Summerville, CEO - The Property King Australia

  • Testimonial from Cheny Chang, Director - Ho Hsin Development

  • Testimonial from Tina Chen, Sales Director – Oversea Property Division, Hatten Group

  • Testimonial from Timo Schmidt, Savills Vietnam Ltd